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Introduction  /  Water Features  / Ornaments          
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Reclamation Stone is a collection of architectural and garden ornaments, water features and curiousities inspired by traditional English stonemasonary. Influences range from ecclesiastical through practical country artefacts to ancient geometric form.

Our aim has been to create ornaments of function, wit and form that will settle in to your garden as if they have been there forever. Each of the pieces contained within is first hand-carved from stone by our master mason to a purposely distressed finish. When our unique 'weathering' process is applied to the Cotswold castings the finished article looks, feels and 'smells' hundreds of years old.

In keeping with stonemasonry tradition every item bears a unique mason's mark. This mark is often just a simple scratch, an 'arrangement of the craftsman's initials or something more elaborate - effectively a signature. The Redwood Stone mark is not dissimilar in style to those found in many old Churches and Cathedrals and although sometimes well hidden and barely visible serves to identify each piece as unique to Reclamation Stone.

As you browse through the pages of this site you will discover that behind many of the ornaments there lies a story. Why is Toothache Man in such pain? Is Cuthbert really as rude as he looks? What is a Yale? These questions and many more are answered within.

Large Drinking Trough & Dragon Head Small Staddle Stone Tall Octagonal Birdbath Toothache Man & Plinth
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