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Please click on each standard design picture to see PRICES and our specification
drawings & further details including a downloadable 3D PDF.

The examples below can be reproduced stone for stone, or used as a blueprint to fire your imagination.

Castellated Facade Ruin   Buttressed Quatrefoil Window   The Stoneworks Corner Arch Ruin   Quatrefoil Alcove
Castellated Façade Ruin   Buttressed Quatrefoil Window   Stoneworks Corner Arch Ruin   Quatrefoil Alcove
The Small Trefoil Facade   Ruined Bay Turret   The Quatrefoil Corner Arch Ruin   The Corner Ruin
Small Trefoil Façade   The Ruined Bay Turret   Quatrefoil Ruins   The Tracery Corner Ruin
Secret Tracery Folly The Drawbridge The Bell Tower The Corner Arch
The Secret Tracery   The Drawbridge   The Ruined Bell Tower   The Arrow Cross
Corner Arch Ruin
The Chelsea Cloister   Gable Arch Ruin   The Garden Facade   The Garden Room
The Cloister


The Gable Arch Ruin


The Garden Façade


The Garden Room
The Potting Shed   The Stoneworks Gothic Cloister     The Ruin
The Potting Shed  

Stoneworks Gothic Cloister


The Gateway


The Ruin & Chelsea

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