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So often follies are personal and it's the individual touches that give each their unique character.
Truly a folly facade

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'What I call a garden wall!'

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An Abbey remnant....outside and in
The entrance to a Cloister Garden
Terace, pond and shed Manor House Aga Surround
An Abbey Ruin near Stamford
A woodland ruin in Surrey   Heavy fortification
A Lakeside Folly
A kitchen extension to the Lakeside Folly   The internal detail
A Pavilion in Somerset   Deserted Chapel Remains
This Folly in Devon...   ...conceals a Duckhouse!
A Gothic Facade by night
Designed by Landscape Solutions of Weston , Wisconsin A ruined castle in Warwickshire
Music Studio  
A Music Studio in rural Essex   A pool house and surrounding walls in Hampshire

A Garden Room in Cleveland , Ohio …..


…..with interior space for sheltered entertaining


A Victorian ‘Thunder-Watch’
overlooking  the South Downs

A delightful vista on the French Riviera   The exterior of the Wine Cellar at Matterhorn Nursery, NY
The Orangery at Charlton House Hotel   Bridge detail in a large Somerset garden
A greenhouse hides behind this imaginative folly   Custom Arches leading to a garden room
The entrance to a Mediaeval tower overlooking the Hudson River, NY
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