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Chelsea Flower Show
Hampton Court Flower Show
Redwood Stone at The Chelsea Flower Show 2011
Royal Hospital Grounds, London
24th - 28th May 2011 : Stand No. PW44
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Meet the Crew

1.00pm, a year to the day, the same old patch of ground awaits –
it seems so small after the scale of the Capel Manor build.
  The site is levelled, sheeted and we
begin the blockwork footing.
Just some of the initial delivery of 15 pallets of stonework and materials.
Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted –
well you might as well finish your coffee first!
  Starting to make some progress now.
The three elements of the exhibit begin to take shape. The Amigo Oven is already in the Outdoor Kitchen.
The show gardens all around us arrived today so it was somewhat chaotic but we made good progress.
The window heads will go on in the morning.
The Church Wall with the Gothic Arch Porch in the background.
The Church Wall nears completion…..   … does the Outdoor Kitchen…..
… fact the whole structure is almost at full height now.
After a big tidy up the stand is moth-balled until Monday. After 12 hour plus days we only put in 8 hours on site
today so we can head home for a well deserved day of rest before returning for the final push.
The castellation and Chimney have been
added to the Outdoor Kitchen.
  We are ready to install the Font bowl by the Church Wall.
We’ll introduce the crew while we complete the build
work, put in the reclaimed timber decking and doors,
Folly Flagstones, and various finishing touches.
Actually we were back on site again on Monday evening,
but work started in earnest again today.
Reclaimed timber decking goes into the Outdoor Kitchen...   ...which is coming together now - just the stone roof tiles to go.
The Font is installed and the broken render applied to the inside of the Church Wall.
The going gets more difficult today as the exhibitors in the Grand Marquee
arrive in their droves and our stand is located at the main entrance on the
North side. It sometimes seems that more time is spent moving things
from A to B and back again than actually building. However….
Amongst other things the Folly Flagstones have been laid and the Mediaeval Balustrade
which forms the entrance to our exhibit is almost done.
Battlement stones are fitted to the Outdoor Kitchen, the oven roof is tiled and timber clad and the chimney is completed.
Today is all about the finishing touches.
Our reclaimed timber door is fitted in the Gothic Arch.   The BBQ is fitted in the Outdoor Kitchen.
Antiques buckets await the roses under the Church Wall.   Some of the plants start to arrive.
This is the final day of the build. After tidying up the loose
ends the stand is ready for the plants to be staged.
We have some beautiful roses,
and some more informal plant material.
Redwood Stone, The Stoneworks, West Horrington, Wells, Somerset BA5 3EH, England   Tel 01749 677777
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